The CTL takes pride on editing La Divisa, a bimonthly magazine regarded as the most influential taurine publication in English. Occasionally the CTL releases books on specific taurine matters of interest to its members and any anglophone aficionado, such as handbooks on how to watch a corrida, regulations, translations of Spanish taurine literature and original research works.
In addition to its own publications, the CTL runs a bookshop covering all the tittles that any good aficionado should have in his/her library, as well as a complete Corridas on DVD archive at 8£ DVD.
For more informacion about the Publications available please follow the links below:


CTL members treasure art in all its forms, as shown in the members gallery section (NB this page iincludes entries for the 2018 CTL Photo competition and  a sample of the CTL members artistic works afor artistic delight)