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From time to time the Club Taurino of London commissions published works.
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Other recent books, not commisioned by the CTL but that the CTL members have enjoyed:

 "Que digan que fui Honesto a Diego Puerta taurine Biography" (Spanish only)


"CHETE El hombre de plata con el alma de oro: La historia de la dinastía de banderilleros, los Pirri" by British aficionada Shelly Frape. An homage to CHETE, the PIRRI dinasty and all the Silver toreros. 


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 "...to die in the skin of a rich man" an English tribute to Felix Robert (1862-1916) the first French matador de toros - by  Ivan Moseley, March 2016

“Outside the bullring, many toreros lead fairly mundane lives. This could never be said of Félix Robert. Born Pierre Cazenave, in a small village west of Mont-de-Marsan, and destined to be a clog-maker, he became a foremost exponent of the courses landaises, appearing in France, Italy and North Africa, before deciding to try his hand as a matador. He killed bulls illegally in France, and, with his sobresaliente, despatched a toro bravo which had escaped from the bullring onto the crowded streets of Dax, for which he received a medal expressing the gratitude of the townspeople—and a week in jail. One of the last pupils at the Escuela Taurina of Seville, he took his alternativa (still sporting a French-style moustache and wearing a broad-brimmed Cordoban hat) in Valencia in 1895, confirming it in Madrid in 1899. Robert staged two notorious corridas on the outskirts of Paris, fighting with Spanish matadors. Threatened with jail again, he went to Mexico, where he ended up as impresario of one of the most important bullrings. He deputised for a murdered matador in St Louis Missouri, organised bullfights for the Mormons on the shores of the Great Salt Lake, ran a casino for the citizens of El Paso across the Río Grande, and raced his own horses beside San Francisco Bay. When the revolution came to Ciudad Juárez, he went back to France, ‘to die in the skin of a rich man’. Félix Robert may not have been a great matador, but he was one of the most picaresque characters the fiesta brava has known.”

Price for CTL members:10£, please contact clubtaurinolondon@gmail.com

Joselito, the real deal - Jose Miguel Arroyo translation by Brian Harding, May 2015 

The amazing true story of a top matador This intimate and revealing autobiography tells the story of José Miguel Arroyo Joselito, one of Spain's top bullfighters - and one of the most controversial. Abandoned by his mother at the age of three and with his father in and out of prison, he initially follows in his father's footsteps, a no-good jack-the-lad who makes a living as a small-time drug-dealer. Then, through learning to fight bulls, José discovers values that make him a better person and save him from the Madrid underworld and the tragic fate of most of his neighbourhood friends. When his father dies, the 12-year-old Joselito finds a new family at the Madrid Bullfighting School and fights his way to the top as a leading matador. But his birth family begin circling like vultures, drawn by his fame and financial success, and bullfighting is dangerous... The Spanish weekly La Semana has said of this best-seller: "This is a book which grips from the very beginning... it makes the reader look at the world of bullfighting in a different way. Please get in touch for members discount, it can also be adquired by clicking here on line.

The Law and Regulations for Taurine Events - English

The first ever complete translation into the English language of The Law and Regulations For Taurine Spectacles in Spain - translated by the Club Taurino of London in its 40th anniversary year:


  • Have you ever wondered what happens to bulls' horns after a corrida?
  • At exactly what point in a corrida that will be suspended does your right to a refund disappear?
  • How much should a picador be fined for crossing the circles painted on the sand when citing a bull?
  • What entitles a bullring to be a first category plaza?
  • What percentage of the seats in a bullring must not be sold until the day of the corrida?


Find the answer to these and hundreds of other questions in the first complete translation into English of The Law and Regulations For Taurine Spectacles(Law 10/1991 and Regulations for Taurine Spectacles, 1966). Translated by the Club Taurino of London in its 40th anniversary year. In 64 pages measuring 6 inches by 8 inches, this publication, in an easily portable and highly readable form, will prove an indispensable aid to the enjoyment and understanding of the fiesta de los toros for aficionados and students, whether or not they have access to the Spanish language.


Price: £5

Stopped Clocks – Iain Richardson 

STOPPED CLOCKS: is a collection of poetry about the bulls published by the Club Taurino of London. All the poems are by CTL member, Iain Richardson, and have an exclusively bullfighting theme. In total, the book contains a foreword and 31 poems by Iain, and 7 illustrations by fellow CTL member Jason Bowyer, a professional artist. Poetry in English about bullfighting is rare; a whole book of such poetry is unique.


Like all long-standing aficionados, Iain has a number of memorable moments at his recall. But this is much more than a series of remembrances: together both Iain and Jason record, in words and images, the texture of the bullfight world, the setting with which we aficionados are so familiar. They succeed admirably, and this is the strength of the book. A few extracts will demonstrate Iain's skills to this end: for him the mundillo de los toros involves ‘hanging threads of smoke’, ‘the familiar smell of stale urine/tethered horses, blood, and cheap cigars’, ‘Sly conversations/concealed behind a hand’. There is no high-flown phrasing: the poems are perfectly accessible.

The title STOPPED CLOCKS is taken from one of the poems, and was inspired by a faena of the matador de toros, Enrique Ponce, describing that magical moment when time seems to stand still. The book itself is pocket-sized, hard-bound in colours echoing a torero's capote

Price: £5

New edition of The Club Taurino of London Handbook
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of The CTL

All CTL members should already be in possession of a copy of the first edition of the Handbook, published in 2003. It was produced as a pocketable travelling companion, and collected together important excerpts from Brave Employment, written by ex-CTL President Walter Johnston, with the addition of other information which is useful to the travelling aficionado. It was made available to members free of charge, and to non-members for a small charge. It has been greeted as a valuable work in English where very few exist in the world of los toros, and supplies of the first edition have now been exhausted.

Many aficionados will want to have a copy of the new 50th anniversary edition, even if they have a copy of the first edition, because it has been updated and extended. As before, copies will still be available to new members free of charge, and extra copies can be bought by existing members at a reduced price, as well as by non-members at a higher price.

How is it different? Several articles have been updated, to reflect changes in the last six years, but the most significant changes are in the details of feria dates, and encastes, bloodlines. Over recent years, Jock Richardson has studiously explored the changes in the ganaderías of toros bravos – of which there have been many – and the results of his labours were rolled up into a fascinating lecture delivered to fellow CTL members in November 2008. Jock has now written up his research in the form of a much expanded article, occupying no fewer than 43 pages in the new Handbook; this is undoubtedly the most informative piece of writing on the subject in English, and is essential for any aficionado who wants to improve his knowledge of what many argue is the most important element in toreo – el toro bravo.

Supplementary Download

Among the feedback from readers of the new edition of the Handbook, there was a comment from a member that he found the article Encastes particularly useful when seeking information about the ganadería he was about to see, but that he regretted the absence of an index, to make his task easier. Jock Richardson has now produced a comprehensive index to the ganaderías mentioned in the article. To download the article in PDF format or MS Word format please click the appropriate link below.

Encastes Index – PDF
Encastes Index – MS Word

Jock has also taken the opportunity to correct a handful of typos and inaccuracies in the original text, and these corrections are included in the document.

In the case of anyone encountering difficulty in downloading the file please contact the website, clubtaurinolondon@gmail.com, and we will make other arrangements for the provision of the document.

New members – one free copy
Existing UK members - £5.00
Non-members - £8

The English and the Bulls:
Fifty years of the Club Taurino of London 1959-2009

Ivan Moseley and Tristan Wood

The Club Taurino of London is 50 years old. This first half-century has been marked with a special publication covering its history to date. The book not only covers the deeds of its members, but also places it within the context of views on bullfighting in Britain, before and after its entry into the European Union, and includes relevant material about British taurine professionals, most of whom have been intimately involved with the club.

Price: £15