To nominate your FIVE favourites, in order of preference please email the number and title of the picture to the president by 12 November. Votes should be individual and whilst people are entitled to vote for their  own entries, there should be no collusion. 
There will be 3 prizes , 
£100 £50 and £25, plus another prize of £25 for the best photograph by a first time competitor

(You may click over the picture to see it in its real size)

                            01-Waiting                        02-Vamos toro


03-Talavante last Toro                 04- Rosa Palo


    05-Roca Rey                                   06-Perera´s derechazo


07-...ufff!                          08-Novillero Watching


09- Morante Horns              010-Lopez Simón


011-How I came to be in the CTL   012-Escribano, banderillas


013-thanks Goodness                    014-Ganadería
        for Mike Penning!


 015-Escribano Farol                    016-E he! toro!


017-Diego Urdiales                      018-David Mora


     019-Curro Diaz                             020-Revolera, por el Juli


  021-Espada, comatose                  022-El descabello por el Juli


023-Catch me if you can!                024-Urdiales, Autumn Madrid


      025-Bolivar, Escape                            026-Body & Soul

    027-Roca Rey in Bilbao               028-Azpeitia


029-A Picassiana Corrida                  030-A Miura´s Revenge

031- On
the Horn                                032-Galdós y José Vazquez                                                                      Pase de pecho


033-Olé mi niña!                     

CTL Members’ Gallery

This page provides a viewing area for any forms of taurine inspired art produced by CTL members. It now includes the entries for the CTL photographic competition of 2017 and winners up to 2011. If you are a CTL member who paints, writes, takes photographs or creates any other kind of taurine inspired art then please get in touch. You can contact us via the website at clubtaurinolondon@gmail.com or via our contact address, which will appear in La Divisa.